CMA Advantage™
Design and Construction Process

Congratulations – you’re considering a home renovation!

A home remodel is an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Because it’s a major investment of time and capital, you’ll need the expertise of professionals who not only understand the process, but can articulate it clearly and lead you through it.

At Albers Design LLC, we take the mystery and uncertainty out of design and construction with our CMA ADVANTAGE™ delivery process. As a husband and wife architect/designer team, with over 45 years of combined experience, we will lead you through the project and provide:

• high level of design expertise
• management of risks
• clarity of outcome
• complete transparency of costs for the project
• maximization of the return on your investment.

Albers Design LLC’s CMA ADVANTAGE ™ project delivery method is a two-step process of design and construction. Here’s how it works:

Step 1- DESIGN

At our first meeting, we’ll see your project site and listen to your ideas, desires, concerns, and expectations. We’ll discuss the range of project possibilities and verify that there’s a good fit between your dreams and our services.

  • Proposal: Next, with information from our initial meeting, we’ll develop a proposal for design services and fee necessary for a successful project. We’ll discuss our proposal with you to verify we have correctly interpreted your expectations, and refine scope and fee if necessary.
  • Options: We often provide multiple design scenarios with pricing to help you understand the full range of options and costs.
  • Accurate Estimates: Once the final design is accepted by you, we obtain firm pricing on the actual design from the trade contractors that will do the work. This gives us an ‘accurate estimate’ of the project cost. This step includes meeting contractors at your project site so the project scope and existing conditions are fully understood.
  • Total Project Cost & Schedules: Based on the pricing we receive from the contractors we assemble a detailed total project cost. The total project cost includes all the costs of the project including, material, labor, furnishings, our construction management fee and a contingency amount for those unexpected costs that will occur. We also generate a realistic construction schedule that addresses your needs and the availability of the contractors.


In this second step, we manage the construction for your project. If you agree to proceed with the construction based on decisions and information discovered during the design phase, we can proceed as soon as the Construction Manager Advisor agreement is signed.

Our construction management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing bidding, contracting, project cost, scheduling, and construction
  • Verifying all building permits are applied for and approved
  • Communicating, coordinating, and scheduling contractors
  • Verifying contractor’s insurance coverage
  • Monitoring the construction process
  • Answering all questions that arise during construction
  • Keeping you informed of the construction progress and all issues
  • Immediately resolving unforeseen issues that occur during construction
  • Visiting the site to observe construction as required
  • Performing final inspections of the work
  • Managing all financial aspects of the project

In addition, all contractor and vendor invoices are processed through our office for review and approval before we send them to you. We do not approve your payments to contractors until we verify the work is complete and meets the high quality standards we require.

Another advantage: At any given time, we’ll know the real time status of how the project is progressing budget-wise. You’ll never have to guess how it’s going financially – our process is completely open book. We do not mark up construction contracts, our services are fee based, and we’ll show you where every dollar is spent.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it using our CMA ADVANTAGE™. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have about our design and construction management services or any other questions related to the improvement of your home.

Putting the Pieces Together, We Bring Your Vision to Life