Black Oak Lane Remodel

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Dining Room, Laundry Room, Home Office, Sun Room

This project is located on 5 acres of oak forest with a pond and wetlands. With all the appearances of being designed and constructed as a speculative builder’s home, the house missed numerous opportunities to integrate the inside with a terrific outside. We were engaged to tackle some challenging design issues: re-purpose a bedroom and dining room, reconfigure the master bathroom, update a laundry room, boy’s bathroom and master bedroom, introduce more daylight and replace a late 70’s aesthetic with a traditional vintage style.

The client had a vision of re-purposing the dining room to a sunroom/office that would provide a space to dream, relax and recuperate. After careful consideration of existing conditions and identification of hidden structural columns we identified opportunities to add correctly proportioned windows to both the east and south exterior walls. Our client collects antique glass and needed a place to showcase the collection. We accommodated this by designing lighted custom cabinets that display her collection. The original parquet flooring was preserved and protected during construction then refinished. The icing on the cake for this room was the addition of a porch swing that was sized to support a refreshing afternoon nap.

The laundry room, boy’s bathroom and bedroom were updated in a vintage style. A closet in the bedroom was opened and converted into built-in seating. Openings were cut into the bedroom closet walls to allow light into the stairway and hallway. The glass panels were a custom design for this client.

For the master bathroom we identified opportunities to expand the footprint out over an area of the first floor below. This provided just enough space to present several options to completely reconfigure the bathroom to satisfy all our client’s requirements, but most specifically adding a wall of windows. While we could have expanded over the whole first floor projection, we chose to expand partially to provide variety in the interior and interest to the massing of the exterior elevation. To top-off the design we suggested a custom colored freestanding tub to provide an exciting focal point from the master bedroom. Much to our client’s credit, they trusted us with this recommendation and the design was complete.

Albers Design constructed this 2 phase, 2 year project using our proprietary CMA Advantage™ construction deliver method.

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