Jennifer Court Kitchen


The original kitchen island in this suburban home was poorly placed, blocking the path from the sink to the refrigerator. Golden oak cabinets and trim made everything dull, and fake columns and large open spaces made it challenging for their home to be comfortable and cozy.

We began by remodeling the kitchen, removing awkward angles and streamlining the layout. At the same time, we understood the importance of breaking down the larger room into smaller, intimate areas by installing built-in seating at the dining room table. During the process the homeowners asked us to help them with the remaining rooms on the main floor. In the family room, we moved the fireplace to a new location, creating intimate seating that really paid off. Now their home is a cozy and comfortable place for the entire family to hang out together.

Albers Design constructed this project using our proprietary CMA Advantage™ construction deliver method.

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